Myoelectric prostheses often stay unused by their owners. Currently available hands can only open and close and as a result patients perform most activities with their intact hand. Furthermore, the control is not intuitive and the user only perceives visual feedback. The main goals of the project are threefold:

In figure 1, a block diagram of the to be developed forearm prosthesis is shown. The intention of the user is expressed in specific muscle activation patterns that are measured by the sensing module, which detects what movement the user wants to perform. The desired movement is the input for the control module that translates this signal to the correct motor command of the actuator. The user perceives feedback on the status of the prosthetic hand by means of sensory feedback.


Figure 1: Block diagram of the prosthetic hand

More information on the different elements of the development of the prosthetic hand can be found in the background & goals section under the separate menu items.


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